Steal this idea

I started going back to The Climbing Wall this week past. I capitalized that because it’s the proper name of the establishment, which is so unoriginal as to be inspired. While there, I learned a little bit about everyone’s New Year’s Resolution: it was to climb more walls. I capitalized that because I don’t know when not to capitalize things.

There were literally tons of people there. This has compelled me to confess one of my goofiest and scoff-worthy ideas: home climbing wall.

Yes yes, I hear the scoffs and chuckles. Yuk it up, chumps, its a cool idea and you know it.

And not only is it a cool idea, but it’s not that difficult to do. In typical platform framing, the joists are only bearing on two walls. So, where the joists are running parallel to the wall, you can just pull those things out, maybe toss a header in there, and bam: a 30″ wide slot along one of your walls, plenty of space to crawl up through. Oh, and for those of you coming here to brush up on your builder’s vocabulary, “tossing” is not the preferred method of installation for a header.

Also, climbing walls don’t necessarily have to be covered with multicolored paint with sand mixed into it. They could be your favorite color! And since you’ve consulted an architect before removing any joists (please?), that color will be white. Handholds don’t have to be strangely shaped multicolored plaster things with sand mixed into them. Although, since you’ve consulted an architect to design a wall system capable of supporting human-sized (as opposed to picture frame-sized) loads, those will also be white. White cubes. Arranged on an isometric grid, with a cove light at the top of the wall.

Your home climbing wall is going to be awesome! I’m coming over to try it.

One thought on “Steal this idea

  1. Keep all this in mind for when Megan has bunches of money and buys a house. But she might paint everything bright yellow after you leave.


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